Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Silly me, I created this blog right before going to Spokane for the weekend, so already I've been MIA for days! I really wanted a chance to go to some fabric shops that would be... Well, not Joann's. Of course, everyone assumed I wanted the "biggest" fabric shop and I got taken to Joann's. I live in a town that has one, albeit a little smaller, and wanted to see if there were any independent fabric stores in a big city like Spokane, but didn't get the chance. Now I'm back in my small town and the only places to buy are Wal-Mart and Joann's. C'est la vie. I ended up spending money at the Joann's in Spokane just to get the same fabric at the same price that I could have gotten back home. I'm still asking myself why I didn't just wait until I got back to get it, if that was the case... Especially because I don't have a sales tax at home and they do in Washington. Oi. I guess I felt under pressure to get something since I made a big deal about going to get fabric while we were out of state!

In other news, on Monday my boyfriend proposed to me, so he is now my fiancee. How exciting! I am very happy and I love my ring. I am still trying to get used to it, though! I don't do much for wearing jewelry so it's been interesting having a ring on that I don't take off before bed or anything! It was super unexpected and I cried.

Here's the link to a video of the proposal on my Youtube!

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