Saturday, September 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So, I didn't intend to let this blog slip so far behind, but here I am having only made about 3 posts in the last two months! Let's see if I can post more than twice in September!

Needless to say, I have had my hands quite full! The little angels that came a month ago today have been keeping me busy for the most part, and when I am not feeding them and wiping their bottoms, I am sleeping or taking whatever steps I can to retain my sanity! Sewing only sometimes being one of those things! Lol!

I've been making a lot of baby booties and listing them in my Etsy shop. I am considering holding a giveaway in the near future - any opinions on that idea would be appreciated, as it'd be my first time doing one!

Hope everyone is well!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

They're Here!

I will be back soon with a full update, but for now I just want to let everyone know that Owen Christopher and Voisie Jean arrived on August 11th at 8am and 8:01am! Right now, we definitely have our hands full! But it's an adventure, and with all the rough parts come lots of wonderful parts!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Getting Close!

We're 36 weeks pregnant and expecting some little babies any day now! I haven't been to my sewing table in a disgustingly long time, because I had to move and put away everything in order to get our carpets cleaned, and I haven't gotten back into the swing of things!

My birthday was on the 21st of this month, and Ben strictly shopped for sewing stuff for me! I finally have a thread caddy now, which is great because it means my spools of thread won't be thrown in my misc. basket any longer! He also bought me pinking shears (which has long been a request of mine, and I am soo glad he remembered!) and assorted buttons. He also got me a pretty large assortment of thread colors, so I won't have to run to the store at the last minute as often due to the wrong thread color :P

On top of all these things, he got me a $20 gift card for Joann's, which means I can get more fabric if I want (uh oh!) sometime soon! :)

And for my birthday, my dad so kindly reminded me of those work pants of his that I promised to sew up! He's a deputy sheriff, and he only has two pair of pants - one of which I just stitched the seam on a few weeks ago, and the other of which needs stitched in the EXACT SAME PLACE! It's quite an easy fix, if only I can manage to get myself sat down at the sewing table. I'm sure once I do, I won't get up very easily! You know how it is - I'll probably get in the middle of a project and go into labor and tell everyone to WAIT! I'm not done sewing this yet... Haha!

Hope everyone is doing well, I will try to keep you updated and I'll post pictures of the couple things I HAVE accomplished lately, if I can just get motivated!

Monday, July 5, 2010

So Busy!

I'm sure everyone thinks I had the babies or something by now, since I haven't updated in so long! No babies yet - we're looking at about another month. Last weekend was my future step-daughter's 8th birthday, so the future in-laws were here. And there's been a lot of baby planning. We still have to put a shelf up, and get a door built. And get the floors cleaned. And we have a month pretty much. AHH! This weekend was obviously the 4th of July weekend, and my brother's birthday is today and he turns 25. And I've been taking it easy. I haven't sat at my sewing machine in a week and a half. WHOOPS! We'll just say I'm on a mini-vacation! Hopefully I'll get back to business soon!

In great news, I am reeeeally excited, because Ben and I just bought a 12' chest freezer yesterday. We've been stuck with the freezer space that comes with one of the vertical side-by-side fridge/freezer set-ups. It's really small in space, and we don't even have room to stock up on meats for dinner, really, let alone buy frozen pizzas for a pinch and things like that. So we finally made an investment that we've talked about for a long time and got the freezer! :)

I must be growing up - the most exciting news for me right now is babies coming soon and a new chest freezer.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Insurance Problems!

This morning has already started on a bad foot. I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins (and any of you who have had twins or know someone who has - you know that means really they will come very soon and COULD come any day...) and I've been dealing with insurance coverage problems!

Because of a mistake within the insurance offices, my insurance termed before it was supposed to, and I have basically been without insurance for the entire month of June. This means, basically, that any place besides my doctor's office keeps canceling my appointments because when they run my insurance the day before it's showing no coverage - Even though, when it processes, it will date back to May 19th.

But they don't know that. So, I spoke with a lady today to see if my insurance was reinstated today, and it hasn't been. She asked if I spoke to someone Thursday and I told her I did, and that person told me to leave my case worker a message and that someone checking her messages should take care of it "within 24 hours" and this lady tells me "Well it hasn't been 24 hours yet." Ok... And then I ask her, just to make sure - "If I go to my doctor's appointment today and my insurance has not been reinstated yet, will my insurance back date and pay for the appointment once it DOES go through, or will I be billed for the appointment." She started to go on about how she's not an eligibility worker and can't confirm whether I will be eligible or not, that it's an income based program (because I am on a state assistance insurance right now...). I told her, "I know I will qualify because I don't have a job and I am pregnant." and SHE replied "It doesn't matter if you are pregnant they base it on your income, and I cannot guarantee you will qualify."

OI! So I say, "I'm not asking you to tell me if I will qualify. I already know that I will qualify. I don't HAVE any income. But forget that. I don't need you to say I will or won't be eligible. I am just asking - WHEN I DO qualify and get my insurance reinstated, will my insurance back date and cover my appointments between the date stamped on my paperwork from when I applied, to the time it gets processed?" Which was pretty simply a yes answer.

It's just been this huge hassle. I just need my insurance before these buns in the oven decide they are done cooking and I end up getting thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills that should not be billed to me! I am under way more stress over the insurance than I should be! I provided the info they are asking for back in December, and they are asking for it again now because the Salem office never received a copy of it from the office here in town, so they think I'm not pregnant!

I PROMISE I AM! :( Okay. I am done. Haha. *sigh*

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sew & Tell #3!

I did it! For this week's Sew & Tell Friday at Amylouwho's blog, I finished Ben's shirt! After I decided to sit down and just do the sleeves - as everyone suggested - I realized I wasn't even going to be done yet. I did the dive-in thing, and felt so proud once the first sleeve seemed to look right, and then I remembered the even more daunting and unfamiliar task of... BUTTON HOLES! I was a little bit freaked out, but I persisted. Late this morning, Ben got to put on his shirt. Now he doesn't want to take it off! I'm glad it turned out and that he loves it so much!


The button holes and buttons were the only part waiting to get done this morning, so I jumped right in and didn't stop until it was finished. I was terrified that I would cut through the stitches on a button hole, or that I would stitch it all wrong. The last time I was supposed to use button holes, by direction of a pattern, I gave up and just sewed the buttons on and decided it couldn't come unbottoned. I was too scared to mess up the so-far-so-good project to go and explore the unknown. With a button-up shirt, it turns out it's not so simple!


And I took a close-up to show the design and color a little better, too!


So far, this is my most accomplished Sew & Tell! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's finished projects this week!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Project... Sort of.

So, since before last Friday I've been "working on" - okay, fine, STALLING on - a shirt. It's a button up (think Hawaiian style) for Ben, and I kind of came to a halt when it came to putting the sleeves on. I am really nervous that I will mess up and ruin the whole thing! I've only made one shirt, for my mom, and it didn't have sleeves. I've made sleeveless dresses. I've never had to do sleeves. I am FREAKING out. I want to finish it before THIS Friday, because I'd like that to be this week's project (and if it isn't, I won't have one, because Lord knows I haven't been able to think about starting anything else!), but I am so worried about the sleeves! It's really paralyzed my work!

Any tips on getting confident (or putting on sleeves)? Oi.