Monday, June 21, 2010

Insurance Problems!

This morning has already started on a bad foot. I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins (and any of you who have had twins or know someone who has - you know that means really they will come very soon and COULD come any day...) and I've been dealing with insurance coverage problems!

Because of a mistake within the insurance offices, my insurance termed before it was supposed to, and I have basically been without insurance for the entire month of June. This means, basically, that any place besides my doctor's office keeps canceling my appointments because when they run my insurance the day before it's showing no coverage - Even though, when it processes, it will date back to May 19th.

But they don't know that. So, I spoke with a lady today to see if my insurance was reinstated today, and it hasn't been. She asked if I spoke to someone Thursday and I told her I did, and that person told me to leave my case worker a message and that someone checking her messages should take care of it "within 24 hours" and this lady tells me "Well it hasn't been 24 hours yet." Ok... And then I ask her, just to make sure - "If I go to my doctor's appointment today and my insurance has not been reinstated yet, will my insurance back date and pay for the appointment once it DOES go through, or will I be billed for the appointment." She started to go on about how she's not an eligibility worker and can't confirm whether I will be eligible or not, that it's an income based program (because I am on a state assistance insurance right now...). I told her, "I know I will qualify because I don't have a job and I am pregnant." and SHE replied "It doesn't matter if you are pregnant they base it on your income, and I cannot guarantee you will qualify."

OI! So I say, "I'm not asking you to tell me if I will qualify. I already know that I will qualify. I don't HAVE any income. But forget that. I don't need you to say I will or won't be eligible. I am just asking - WHEN I DO qualify and get my insurance reinstated, will my insurance back date and cover my appointments between the date stamped on my paperwork from when I applied, to the time it gets processed?" Which was pretty simply a yes answer.

It's just been this huge hassle. I just need my insurance before these buns in the oven decide they are done cooking and I end up getting thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills that should not be billed to me! I am under way more stress over the insurance than I should be! I provided the info they are asking for back in December, and they are asking for it again now because the Salem office never received a copy of it from the office here in town, so they think I'm not pregnant!

I PROMISE I AM! :( Okay. I am done. Haha. *sigh*

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  1. Hey, Jen, send them a picture!! Maybe then they'll get the message!! Seriously, take a deep breath - everything will work out in the end! Keep those babies where they are for a little while longer!