Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy Days!

I keep meaning to come on and post about something, but end up getting too tired by the end of the day to do so! Ben is directing a production of Cabaret at the local community theater, and I have gone to the last three showings of it - I'm taking tonight off! I was just too tired to get up and go see it this time, but I'll be back there tomorrow! Ben, in fact, had to fill in for his Emcee last night because he had a prior commitment, and same goes for next Friday. Poor Ben got more than he bargained for, signing on to do this show! He has to cover the Emcee twice, and then his Customs Officer/Nazi Guard will be Clifford Bradshaw tomorrow afternoon for the matinee, and Ben will be filling in as the Officer and Guard, plus do all of this guy's scene change duties. Then, the last week of the production his Victor will have left to New York, so in the last 3 shows, Ben has to fill in as Victor. It's been very difficult for him to direct AND try to rehearse and learn all these parts just so he wouldn't have to look for more fill-ins or understudies!

On another note, I went to a yard sale yesterday - with the hopes of finding a girl car seat - and ended up finding a box full of scraps, patterns, and notions for $4. In the end, I threw away a LOT of trash pieces - bits that weren't even a patch, but just a tiny bit of trim off what I assume DID get to be a patch somewhere, and a lot of stained fabrics. But the amount that I KEPT from the box was well worth over $5. There was a very Easter-y fabric (about 5 yards of it) and probably 3-4 yards of a sort of Halloween flannel fabric. Not sure what I'll use them for, but those alone were worth more than $4 if you consider yardage and condition!

On the flip-side, I went to SEVERAL garage sales today (DID find a car seat finally for our little girl!) and found only one with fabric, which was asking about $1 a yard. It was cute fabric, but I could go to Joann's or somewhere and shop clearance for the same thing if I wanted, so it doesn't seem appropriate for a garage sale to ask that amount. They also had an opened pack of preemie diapers for $6. Again, I might as well go buy a brand new pack if I needed them! They had some (less than attractive, in my opinion) fat quarters marked at $1 apiece, too. Again, if I were at Joann's or somewhere retail, I might have considered this... But at a yard sale?

Anyway, no new pictures today. I'd really like to start on a shirt I promised Ben, but I lost the pattern somewhere and need to find it! Oops!

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