Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Puking Pastilles!

I just found a new internet love. *Sigh* It's SO dreamy! I went to Puking Pastilles (Don't ask how I stumbled upon it, I tend to find things by random happenstance!) and found that not only are there tons of useful and fun things on the site in general, but they are having a giveaway aaaaas we speak! And, if I am reading correctly, it looks as though they do it on a [gasp!] weekly basis!

Okay, first of all they have sewing tutorials and a Learn To Sew 101 (And I am still fairly green to the sewing world as you may have guessed so this gets me all giddy!) and further, they have CUTE patterns available for REASONABLE prices on their Etsy shop! I'm off to enter their giveaway (and you probably should too!) for some hot new & old fabric!

Go see Puking Pastilles now!!!

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